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Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor

Joined Oiran Ohana in 2015

Choreography assistant, Beginner class instructor, Jazz dance instructor

He started jazz dance at the age of 6 and studied modern and contemporary dance. He has performed a lot on different stages as a backup dancer for singers and in Yosakoi festivals. As a choreographer, he has provided to groups, idols and singers, a lot of different works and choreographies.


Dancer, Instructor

Joined Oiran Ohana in 2016

Choreography assistant, Breakdance instructor

At the age of 16 he started breakdance. When he turned 19 he began jazz and contemporary dance under Akinori Suzuki, his teacher. While he was still doing performances on stage, he released his first work in 2017 called “Teikai”. Since then, he has always been working on new solo projects.

In 2017, he obtained a qualification as an instructor to help people with disabilities. He considers that the connection between dance and well-being/health is important and that it can help people. He is involved in giving lessons for children with disabilities.



Joined Oiran Ohana in 2018

Beginner class instructor

Moe started hiphop jazz dance at the age of 8 at the dance company “E.R.I”. She is mostly performing on stage. After entering university, still at the same dance company, she appeared in many student dancing events. In 2018, after performing as a guest in Oiran Ohana’s show, during the Snow Festival of Sapporo, she decided to join the team.


Mika Kaneta, President of Oiran Ohana

Formed Oiran Ohana in 2015

Producer, Dance performer, Choreographer, Dance instructor, Costume design and production, Japanese Dance, Taiko, PerformancPerformer coach.​

Costume, Choreography, Japanese Dance, Taiko

For 17 years, Mika has learned dancing skills and she has 9 years of choreography teaching experience. After a while, she decided to finally move to Tokyo because the opportunities were more abundant. While in Tokyo, she decided to keep dancing and performed as a dancer in show theaters, then joined an official dance company which helped her sustaining her needs. She then, began to search ideas on how to connect our actual society to dance and dance industry. Mika wanted to create a dancing profession that is recognized as any job would be recognized. For example, in Europe, dance is a thing that everyone would call professional, unfortunately it is a little more difficult in Japan. The aim is to create an environment, where dancers can become real professional and to erase the gap between society and dance.

​Mika is still learning psychology, statistics and brain science. From these discipilines, she is willing to create a powerful and touching experience that reminds us of our old memories. As there is no words in dance, she wants to share with the audience a moving performance using both, visual gestures and face expressions.

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